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This world is a bubbling cauldron of immense talent. This realization dawned on us whilst conducting our export business of apparels. Our constant requirements for designers for our export line unearthed an eclectic mix of artists vying for an opportunity to exhibit their skills. What was lacking, though, was the media through which these artists could reach out to their audience. Thus, Octane came into being. In this dynamic business clime, where every boundary is tested by the convergence of technology and uber cool art, it was imperative for us to provide a dais to our artists to get appreciation in real time and be rewarded for their efforts too. Our online shopping portal www.octanetrends.com, provides this opportunity to all designers professional and amateurs alike. Our goal is to facilitate this exchange of art and its endorsement by our patrons. Designers can now find instant gratification for their skills through the platform provided by Octane. It becomes doubly satisfying for our customers when they can own their chosen design replicated on our world class t shirts. But our mission does not end there. At Octane, our motives are constantly evolving to goad our designers to breach all transcendent barriers in the realm of fashion by offering handsome monetary incentives. Also, our customers are privy to a host of offers, promotions and bargains when they shop at Octane. Our forum thus encapsulates the fact that an artist is incomplete without an admirer and Octane is their canvas to fame and adulation.

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