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Numero Uno

The brand takes pride in its ability to forecast fashion and make best use of the latest technology. The fashion styles are based on the season’s forecast, global trends and market feedback. Numero Uno recruits experienced designers from NIFT, India’s premier institutes and provides them with exposure to the foreign markets. Studio Uno offers a serene, green and musical environment which is conducive to creativity.

The very essence of the brand, Numero Uno, is dynamic, youthful and driven by passion. The brand’s key audience is the youth, who detests monotony and likes to explore and try new stuff. Therefore in our previous campaign (2012) we urged the youth to step beyond the stereotypes and ‘Try Something NU’. As they say, change is only constant; one needs to be constantly re-inventing oneself and ‘Be the NU you’. The new tagline, ‘Be the NU you’ asks youth to explore their ‘newer’ side.

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