Winter Cookware products

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  • January 24, 2014 12:26 pm

Winter is the season to have regular parties in the backyard or at terrace. With hot burning charcoal at the centre, nice aroma of the tandoori chicken, paneer, fish and loads of talks and fun. You can get all the recipes for your tandoori dishes online at ndtv foodistan. However you definitely need those right tools to make the delicious tandoori dishes.

Electric Tandoor:
Many of us are not comfortable with charcoal and smoke but definitely enjoy all the barbeque dishes. So you can buy the electric/gas tandoor which are perfect for any inhouse party.
Lifeline Electric Home Tandoor is nice portable electric tandoor. Big enough for complete family. You can make tandoor, bake biscuits, make pizzas and many more items.

Tea/Coffee/Soup maker:
Sipping a hot tea on beautiful morning in winter holiday is something we all cherish. And watching TV in evening with family with hot soup makes it perfect family time.

Electric Hot Case:

This is nice and useful electric hot case. Plug in and it will keep your food warm. Take it to office or school and have hot food at lunch. Moreover the box is insulated and so it keeps the food warm even if you don’t plug in. You can get 55% off on this.


It is an integral part of the household in winter. Right from making a quick snack to making pizzas or bake cakes, microwave makes cooking an exciting job.

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