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  • August 18, 2014 2:12 pm

Hearing the name pizza gives your mouth and stomach a sensation and you cannot ignore it. Pizzas are popular not only among the youth, but also among kids and elderly. It has become the second best thing after mamma’s homemade food. The popularity of pizzas can be contemplated by their round the year demand and also during various festivals. They have also become a popular substitute for celebrations.


Dominos is famous for its 30 minutes home delivery service which is a relief during emergencies as well as when you are too lazy to go out or make something at home. This facility has been extended with exclusive Dominos coupon codes offering pizzas and other items at attractive discounts. Thus, you can enjoy you delicious pizza at home with your friends and families, any time and at any occasion. Dominos in known for delivering pizzas at your door step without any hassle so that you can enjoy your pizza in peace and fun.

Pizza lovers are not satisfied with just single variety and they want more. This holds true even for home delivery pizzas. This wide variety of pizzas will not only make you salivate but will also compel you to try different pizzas at different occasions. And with Dominos Coupon Codes, they become irresistible.

chicken pizza.

Below are few of the common yet most popular pizza varieties available for home deliveries:


  • Margherita: It is simple yet mouth-watering pizza for vegetarians. It also comes with cheese toppings.
  • Double-Cheese Margherita: Known as heaven for lovers of cheese as it contains double cheese layer with extra toppings.
  • Peppy Paneer: This is especially for people who love spicy pizzas, as it has red pepper and crisp capsicum.

Non-vegetarian Pizza

  • Barbeque Chicken: Famous and most popular among non-veg pizza lovers, it is topped with extra cheese and chicken.
  • Spicy Chicken: Stuff with hot chicken and red pepper, this one is a treat for people who like hot stuffs!
  • Chicken Hawaiian- It is an exotic pizza topped with jalepenos, chicken salami as well as pineapple which will make you crave for more.


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