Top Backpack Considerations

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  • July 10, 2014 1:24 pm

It was not quite a long back that the word, ‘man bag’ was on the lips of everyone. However, this statement doesn’t mean that man bag is becoming obsolete. As days are getting longer and sun is shining a bit brighter, it looks as if the humble backpack is holding all attention. Here are some important considerations about backpack-the most talked about accessory for men.

Man Backpack

Backpack Considerations

While choosing a backpack, there are a few things, which you should consider.

Size of your bag-This is an important consideration. So, before choosing the bag, you need to know whether you will be travelling for a day, a week or even more. If it is for a day, a bag with little space will serve your purpose but if it is for week or more, you will need to buy one that has a good capacity.

A small and light model is ideal for short trips whereas a large pack is best for longer ones. If you want, you can buy both of these. However, if you only want to buy only one, go for the larger one because it will work fine for the shorter trips as well.

Liter capacity of the pack-The one’s with 60-80L capacity are a perfect option for trips that last for about two days. These packs are usually used for climbing or backcountry skiing. Trips for more than five days usually call for bags that have a capacity of 80L or more. However, savvy ultralight experts, can often travel long distances with the packs that are smaller than these. Not everyone can master in ultralight packing technique. So, remember one thing that if you don’t master in it, the pack will be filled up quite fast, especially if the weather is unpredictable. 80L packs are preferred choice for winter treks that last for a month and for moms and dads who carry a lot of gears of kids for making their experience an enjoyable one.

Torso length and not your height-Nothing are as much important as selecting a pack according to the torso length. No matter how much or how little gear you are carrying, you would always want your bag to fit your frame in a comfortable manner. The most appropriate fit is the one, which offers a comfortable grip on your hips and the right size for your torso length. So, finding out your torso length is very important before you shop the pack. Only when you know the length of your torso, you will be able to check specs of the bag, which interests you. Also know what your waist size is because there are some packs that provide interchangeable hipbelts as well.

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