Things A Woman Should Keep In Her Handbag

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  • June 4, 2014 4:09 pm

Here they are:


Tablets for stomach ache, headache, pain killers and fever are a must. A woman should make sure to carry these important things in her handbag. She should also carry band aids and a basic ointment for cuts in the bag.

Hand sanitizer
It is common for women to come in contact with different things every day as they are always on move. Thus, it is very essential for them to keep a hand sanitizer as well. Using this they could disinfect their hands when they need.

Mouth fresher, deodorant/perfume
While women are very particular about how men smell, they should also be very careful about how they smell. A body or mouth that smells is something that will turn people off. So, it’s a must for every woman to carry a deo and mouth fresher in her bag. Popping the mouth freshener after having meals is a must if any woman has a bad breath.

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Make up essentials
Most of the women are very much concerned when it comes to their looks. So, they must make sure to carry make up essentials to their work. This will always help them to be in a tip-top condition at their workplace. However, this doesn’t mean that a woman can carry all in her makeup box. Makeup essentials in a handbag include baby wipes, kajal, lip stick/lip gloss, face moisturizer, a hair brush and a sunscreen.

Water bottle
Summer is in and it is thus very important to keep oneself hydrated. In that case, carrying a small water bottle in the bag before stepping out for an office is a must.

Small snacks
This is an absolute necessity. It’s needed mainly because work sometimes can get unpredictable. At times, corporate ladies be so busy with their work that they don’t get time to take their lunch. The snacks like dry fruits, veggies, unsalted nuts and fruits in the handbag is of great use then. So, carrying healthy snacks is a must.

We do know that every woman carries her wallet but if you ever lose it or forget to keep it inside your handbag, then what? This is the reason, we always ask women to carry some money and keep it in a place, which is safe inside the handbag.

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