The importance of networking for VCI

Networking is an interesting field where contacts are established on the basis of references. For an organization like VCI, it is important that it maintains a harmonious relationship with its existing members and continues to grow by benefiting them. For this purpose, VCI uses discount coupon codes that not only offer benefits to its existing members, but also draws the attention of targeted audience.

Why compensate your audience?

We are living in the 21st Century, but our basic mindset is still inspired by the Stone Age barter system where we look for something in return for our service or favor. From the perspective of a company, its rate of success is directly dependent on the quality of service and benefits that it offers to its customers. Hence, if a company is not doing enough to keep its audience entertained it will eventually dry out. A strategic method of retaining and growing the existing client base is to offer value added services that improve the experience of the clients with the company. For an instance, if KFC if offering KFC discount coupons to its clients, it is obvious that the total sales for the company is likely to increase and moreover, when the existing audience starts to derive benefit from this particular offer they will also suggest the same to their friends, families and colleagues. In this way the overall client base of KFC will not only have regular customers with them but also get new customers through strategic networking.

Networking is not always verbal

VCI uses a non-verbal form of networking system for its operation. This means it uses networking with an indirect approach. Instead of asking its members to promote the offers directly, it issues them with discount coupon codes whereby they can avail discount on products. In return the existing members first use it and then refer the same to their friends. In this way, the approach becomes more meaningful and practical.

Diversity also plays an important role in networking as lopsided development can become a cause of downfall for an organization. If your coverage of service is narrow there is a lesser scope for expansion. Therefore, VCI implements a wider scope through offering coupon codes on food, shopping and entertainment.


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