Making Pizza at Home

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  • July 3, 2014 12:04 pm

Pizza is just the right template for being creative with food. You can put almost anything you wish to on the dough and make it. Producing it is fun and you can make pizzeria-quality pizza with even a normal stove in your kitchen.

Pizza at Home

Tips to make pizza at home

Tools needed to make pizza include:

• Metal pizza peel that releases the raw dough easily than wood
• Pizza stone that absorbs heat in oven
• Pizza cutter that outperforms even a chef’s knife

To get the kind of creamy, airy, chewy, thin crust, which you find at pizzeria, you will have to do less with the heat and more with the baking. Allow the dough to rise overnight to get a golden crust on pizza.
To shape the pizza, you should press the dough on a floured surface with both your hands and spin the disk while flattening it.

Make use of your fingers for pulling the mozzarella into uneven chunks. Its pieces generally give the surface a varied texture than when the cheese is grated or cut into the disks.

As far as the toppings are concerned, go light. A classic margherita will not need more than an ounce of tomato sauce spread thinly on top of the dough.

Now you are left with a pizza topped up with radicchio to be cooked down in oven.

When taken just out of the oven, let it rest for a minute before you slice it down and serve it hot.

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