How To Select The Right JEANS For Your Body Type

Finding the right pair of jeans is like finding a life partner.No, we think it is tougher than that. Our whole Life revolves around the fit of jeans. Our selection of Jeans says most about us. Sometimes a nice fitted jeans is more than enough to make us fall in love with our own self once again.

Hourglass Figure:
Look for a wide legged jean with mid-rise and flat front to show off your curves in a flattering way.

Pear Shaped Figure:
Stay away from tapered legs. It will only emphasize your thighs,making them look even bigger.Opt for a flare or trouser style jean,preferably in a medium to dark wash.Consider a pair with a contoured cut that rises higher in the back than in the front to avoid gaping at the waist.

Rectangular Figure:
Look for flares or boot-cut jeans.The flare at the bottom adds curve to your silhouette,making you look more balanced and womanly.

Apple shaped figure/Larger Mid-Section:
Find a pair of moderate rise jeans which falls just below the belly button, covering your stomach and keeping it in check.

Flat Posterior:
Try on a pair jeans with higher back pockets. Such pockets give the appearance of a rounder rear.

Larger Derriere:
Look for a pair of jeans with lower back pockets positioned closely together. These pockets minimize your rear and take the focus off of it.

Tall / Lean Figure:
Try a narrow straight-legged jean. Flare jeans also work well.Just look for something that is well fitted throughout the majority of the leg.

Avoid MOM jeans – the High waist and wide backside may fit you Happily,but these jeans rarely flatter anyone.Instead of settling, select a classic style of jean that flatters your shape and shop around until you find a comfortable pair.

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