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For those entire gourmets this blog is for them. Pizzas are quite in demand today especially among the youth. Once in a week at your favourite pizza destination is to say the least. Pizzas are now the next best food after your mom -cooked food. Well very few know the exact day, time and place where it was invented but who ever invented it must have got lots of blessings from the youth especially children. Pizzas are very much a favourite among children.

Today in order to eat one does not have to move out of their house adominosnd go to their favourite or nearest pizza destination. You can now order them over the phone or online through internet. Extending this online facility has been a great service on part of pizza making companies as one could now enjoy pizza at their home with family and friend in any occasion. One of the other benefits of applying online is that one gets attractive discount offers like dominos pizza coupons on purchase of pizza beyond a specific amount set by them. They deliver pizza at door step so there is no hassle of taking pizza.

For pizza lovers just one variety of pizza is not at all sufficient. Therefore, you get to offer the same menu as you got in the pizza parlour. The wide range of pizza with variety of topping can make any one salivate just by a mere thought of it. Some of the most common yet popular varieties of pizzas are mentioned below:

1. Vegetarian
  • Margherita – simple vegetarian pizza with cheesy topping
  • Double Cheese Margherita – It is paradise for cheese lovers with double cheese topping
  • Country Special – Those who love vegetable topping along with cheese, then Country Special is your Pizza. It is topped with capsicum, onion and tomato

Veg pizza


2. Non-vegetarian Pizza
  • Cheese and Barbeque Chicken – This pizza is for chicken lover who love non-veg food. Topped with chicken and cheese you taste dual toppings
  • Barbeque Chicken – This pizza is topped with barbeque chicken along with onion
  • Chicken Hawaiian – This exotic pizza is topped with chicken salami, jalapenos and pineapple that would leave you wanting more

chicken pizza


The list of pizza is just few of it from the menu. One could get the detailed list on visiting the official website of the pizza making company. But one thing to remember while ordering is to avail your discount with Dominos pizza coupons


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