Fashion Trends for This Monsoon

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  • June 6, 2014 10:40 am

The onset of monsoon is very dull and depressing. People usually opt for worn out or shabby dresses to avoid the adversities caused by rain. Due to the deplorable condition of the streets most of the people avoid to dress up and move out of their house. But it is important to cheer up in this morbid weather by wearing bright clothes. In fact, you will feel much happier if you dress up in a fashionable manner during the monsoons!

Try to put some invigorating colors to the outfits that you are going to wear. Whether it is your dress, accessories or makeup, go with the trend and purchase all the fashion items online by using flipkart coupon codes.

Fashion Trend for Monsoon

Clothing Items

This is the perfect time to reshuffle your wardrobe with funky clothes. This is the best time to go for bright floral prints or t-shirts. Try to avoid heavy clothing materials like denim, thick cotton clothes and cords as they take longer time to get dry after getting wet due to rain. It is better to avoid tight fitting clothes. Knee-length dresses, capris, dungarees or skirts are the items to wear. If you want to wear saris, try to go for lighter fabric materials like chiffons, crepe or georgettes.


Selecting the right accessories during this gloomy weather condition is really substantive. Choose from the wide varieties of raincoats and umbrellas that are available. Avoid leather items in monsoon because they tend to get damaged in the rain. Rather opt for colorful sandals or rubber footwear, which you can match with your dress.


Maintaining a proper cleansing regime for your skin is really important as dirt and germs accumulate more rapidly during the monsoons. It is better to select waterproof eyeliner, mascara and lipstick which will stay longer. Matte finished make- up items or pastel colors are best suited this season as they do not make the face look oily and dull.
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