Different Styles of Women Trousers

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  • June 26, 2014 4:34 pm

Choosing the right dress type according to your physical anatomy is a very crucial factor, because all body types are not meant for all types of dresses. Different styles of women’s trousers provide a distinct and elegant look to the wearer. However, they look more appropriate for a taller woman compared to a shorter one. Choosing the right color also plays a very important role. Dark colors like black, blue and brown provides a slimmer appearance rather than the lighter shades. The fabric materials of these trousers include silk, cotton, chiffon, flax etc and are very comfortable to wear in almost all seasons. These trousers are in vogue and you can buy them from shopping malls or from online stores using voucher codes.

Wide-leg trouser
Wide-leg trousers can be worn both in formal or informal occasions. These trousers are available in different fabrics including cotton, silk and wool. If you are a working woman, you can wear them without any hesitation as they provide a decent and sophisticated look. But before opting for these trousers you have to be well aware about your body shape and structure. Wearing appropriate footwear and well fitted sleek top along with these wide leg trousers can make you look more attractive.

Wide Leg Trousers

Hot pant trousers
These trousers are available in various designs. They are shorter in length and are specially designed to reflect the curves of the body. The graceful color combination along with dye prints brings out the charm of these trousers. These trousers are best suited for women with perfect body type. You should pair up these pants with short T-shirts, Gallus waistcoats and short jackets.

Hot Pant Trousers

Baggy style
Women trousers are also available in baggy styles. They generally come with two large pockets and have a side zip. This particular trouser style looks stylish in cotton materials. Embroidered pattern knee baggy trousers are worn to portray a pure and cute look altogether. Such apparels provides a lively appearance and are very much suitable for casual occasions. Split or wide leg, wrap over designs are also available in baggy trouser style. These styles are to some extent illusive and seems to a full length leg spills. Various designs and patterns give these trousers a unique look. Wide varieties of baggy style trousers are available within an affordable price.

Baggy Style Pants

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