Celebrate every occasion with Pizza Hut India Offers


Pizzas have always been a mouth-watering experience for everyone. It might not be wrong to say that once a pizza addict, always a pizza addict. Especially famous among young adults, such as college goers and young professionals, pizzas are the first priority while going out with friends. Pizzas are popular in demand in every season and during festivals, their demand increases four folds due to more number of people going out and celebrating. While eating out regularly might be fun, it can also burn a hole in the pocket as pizzas are expensive. So for those individuals who are pizza lovers and regular visitors of pizza places, Pizza Hut India is offering coupon codes wherein delicious pizzas can be availed as discounted prices that are hard to believe. Now, pizzas can be enjoyed by friends and families at every occasion and at any time. These discount coupons are available on wide varieties of veg and non-veg pizzas, some of which are mentioned below-

1. Vegetarian Pizza

a. Spicy Twist: With red pepper, onion, capsicum and cheese, this simple yet mouthwatering veg pizza with spice up your mouth.

b. Farm Hut: As the name suggests, made from exotic vegetable with extra cheese layers, this looks yummy.

c. Italian treat: A pure haven for veggie lovers, this treat consists of black olive, capsicum, onion, tomato and endless cheese. Perfect for people who like to experiment.


2. Non-vegetarian Pizza

a. Chicken Mexicano: One of the most popular among non-veg pizza lovers, the name says it all. A combination of Mexican chicken, sweet corn and capsicum is exotic and delightful. Extra chicken and cheese can be added on request.

b. Chicken Magic: Stuffed with Green Chili and spicy chicken, this pizza should be handled with care. Truly magical for spicy pizza lovers

c. Double Chicken- Double chicken is for those who are not satisfied with one type. Here, two different chicken varieties are stuffed together with sweet corn, capsicum and red paprika. An exotic variety for pizza lovers.

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Coke2 home offers can be an added benefit to the pizza hut offers which can be redeemed both at the counter and via home delivery. Don’t wait till the end, go and grab the opportunity and share happiness and joy among friends and families.

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