5 Tips to Get a Great Deal on a Hotel

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  • March 11, 2014 4:51 pm

Visit the hotel’s website:
Visit the official site of the hotel and check if it offers any discounts or deals in any of its rooms. If yes, then the first thing you need to do is check whether the deal price is suitable for you. Then note the dates of the offer. If their dates match with your time of visit to the place, then don’t think about anything more. Just take the benefit of the deal.

Call the hotel:
Call the hotel and ask the receptionist if the hotel is offering any special deals or discounts to its customers. Make the personal aware of any discounts that you may qualify. This may include senior rates, business traveler rates, government rates, entertainment cards etc. But ask this very politely.

Negotiate your rate at the hotel:
If you don’t have any reservation at the hotel, take advantage of the front desk staffs. Tell them that you just want a place to sleep and that it would be great if there is any deal or discount offers. There are high chances that they will lower their tariff rates in order to keep you from walking away. Most of the hotels negotiate their rates down. In fact, if the hotel is more or less empty, it will probably lower its rates. But a hotel will not negotiate if it has only a one or two vacancies. The staff will not be very much inclined to lower the tariff because they think they will be able to sell the room at their original rate to another person walking in after you.

Time your booking:
You can get the best bargain this way. Just find which months are considered as off-season in that place and consider to travel during those days. The hotels are likely to give special offers and discounts during the off-season. So, you should plan your tour keeping this in mind.
You can also opt for the last-minute hotel bookings. There are many hotels that offer great deals and discounts if you book the last-minute.

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