2014’s Shopping Resolutions

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  • January 23, 2014 5:59 pm

Not shopping or shopping less is definitely not a reasonable option. But shopping and saving big is a good idea. Listed below are 2014’s three important do’s or resolutions that every shopper must take. Adopt them if you too want to be a better shopper this year.

1) Use those gift cards

You may have a host of gift cards right down somewhere in your purse; use them before they expire. Although they are not supposed to expire legally until five years after the purchase date, there are a few cards, which may charge a small fee for being inactive for 12 months. So, why to spend extra money uselessly? Use the gift cards this year when you are out for shopping. If you are prone to forgetting the stores for which you have cards for, make a list of all the stores and keep it safely in your purse.


2) Don’t buy things you will not use

Everything you see in the store may look good to you, but don’t intend to buy everything that you see. Do you remember all those stuffs that you bought for your kitchen and home décor purpose, which are still unused till date? Avoid buying things which are not useful to you.
While shopping, always ask two questions to yourself:
• Do I really need the item?
• Will I be able to use the item?
Only when the answers to both of these questions are a big YES, then only go for it. Never look for things, which won’t make you cringe when you look back on this New Year or ten years down the line. Rather look for something, which you will use, ten years down the line.


3) Shop online

You can save time, money as well as your energy when you shop online. What more do you want? Sitting back on your sofa, sipping a cup of black coffee you can order the item that you want to purchase with just a few clicks of the mouse. No transport hassle, no queue for paying the bill, no parking fees and no ‘where to take my lunch’ hassles. You can even get great discounts and deals by using the coupon codes in India that are available online. And the best part is there will be no attendants disturbing you or breathing down your neck with those repetitive words, “yes, mam?”


So, adopt these resolutions and be a better shopper in 2014.
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